Knightly Show #39 | March Madness Recaps, Masque Players Feature, and More!

In this weeks episode of the Knightly Show, Logan Yarnell gives a look at just how hard the FHN Masque Players work, Jackson Calhoun interviews Mr. Willott on his upcoming retirement, Showcasing the results of the March Madness brackets, Parker Smith, Cailyn Hodges gives us a look forward on the style this spring, Making some mouth-watering Oreo Brownies, Emily Gantz, Aiden Neu takes us around the Cafeteria to see students opinions on the food around the world, and Sassy Garcia tells a story of how some of our diverse student lives have changed since joining the FHN community. Cailyn Hodges and Logan Yarnell, announced the show.
Cailyn Hodges
Logan Yarnell
Madelyn Clark
Madelyn Clark
Masque Players Feature:
Logan Yarnell
Mr. Willott’s Retirement:
Jackson Calhoun
March Madness Recap:
Parker Smith
Spring Fashion:
Cailyn Hodges
Oreo Brownies Recipe:
Emily Gantz
Foods Around the World:
 Aiden Neu
Student Diversity:
Sassy Garcia
Aaron Manfull
FHN Video Staff