A New Club, the Muslim Student Association, Emerges at North


Riya Siddabattula and Jana Rawashdeh participate in the MSA meeting (Photo by Avery Witherbee)

A new club at Francis Howell North has just been introduced, the Muslim Student Association (MSA). The club first met in the library after school on December 12, 2021. MSA is a student-led club that works with teachers, principals, and staff to make a difference in this community. 

“Our main goals are inclusivity and community. So to create more inclusive facilities within the school and then to strengthen our position within the community and create a positive impact, like volunteering and educating people.” Jana Rawashdeh sophomore and MSA club founder explained.

MSA was created to help dismantle stereotypes and create an inclusive and culturally aware environment that leads to a more allied community. This club plans to achieve these goals by doing volunteer work, decorating the library, working with the Cultural Diversity Club and making easily accessible education content. Miss. Gabrielle Weston, the club advisor, and Library Media Specialist at North has been helping to achieve these goals with the club members.

“Jana and I had talked about starting the Muslim Student Association at Francis Howell North and I thought that was a fabulous idea. I was present so it was just me and her working with each other and I was assisting her in creating this club,” Ms. Weston said. “So it was just where we were in constant conversation and communication about it, and being the club advisor just fell in my lap. I’ve been happily assisting MSA since.”

The Muslim Student Association has a lot planned for the future both near and far and are excited to see what positive changes will be made in the community.

“I feel it’s been pretty good so far, especially being relatively new. I think in the future, we have a lot to look forward to, especially with more volunteering opportunities. Also, with decorating and other minimal stuff like that, it ends up accumulating over time so it will be exciting,” Rawashdeh said.

The Muslim Student Association club is open to any Muslim and Non-Muslim students. The only thing that students who want to join this club need to bring to meetings is a desire to help create a difference in this community.

“I think it’s a fabulous organization to have and it’s welcome to all students. They’ve been doing service projects outside of school and work,” Ms. Weston said. “They have their meetings on Tuesdays, after school in the Learning Commons. I think it’s a great, great opportunity to build community in the school.”