The Parking Plan for the Upcoming School Year


Parking this year at Francis Howell North has been a struggle due to the on going construction happening for the new school. While many people are happy about the new school and its advancements, it has left many sophomores and juniors without parking spots. The school is hoping to add more parking spots next year so more people are able to drive to school. 

“We plan to continue using the church parking lot as well again next year to make up for some of the missing spots,” Assistant Principal Chris Birch said.

As parking spots become more scarce, the school has put a plan in place to fix the parking dilemma. With the summer ahead, it leaves room for construction to take place on our existing parking lot. 

“We are planning to take out the band field over the summer and put more parking spaces in that area,” said Birch.

Due to the construction over the last year, North has lost a total of 170 parking spots overall. Since spots are still going to be limited, the question is which grade levels will be permitted to park in these new spots.

“Most likely only seniors will be able to park here next year,” Birch said. “Although it is still up in the air, seniors only parking will probably be the best option.”

As the school year is coming to an end, a lot of advancements will be in the works for next year as well. Many things are still being sorted out regarding parking but administrators and staff are working on the best ways to give as many students available spots as possible. 

“Right now we are exploring all of our options to get kids and teachers parking spots,” Birch said. “We are thinking about doing seasonal passes for the students in sports and extracurricular activities.”