Knightly Show #42 | DIYs, Book Challenges, and More!

In this 42nd installment of the Knightly Show, we learn how to make paper organizers, learn about some of the recent book bannings and book challenges in the district, and more!



Jackson Cutlan

Claire Laurentius



Rhea Patel



Rhea Patel


Paper Organizer DIY:

Allison Bass


Humans of FHN:

Jackson Cutlan


Man on the Street- NBA Playoffs Predictions:

Devon Alexander


MLB Hotakes:

Sam Reimer


Book Review:

Hunter Van Dyne


Book Challenging Story:

Jenna BroukĀ 


Seniors on Going In State V.S. Out of State for College:

Claire Laurentius


Super Crazy Podcast:

Sophia Zimmerman



Aaron Manfull


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FHN Video Staff