Ecology Club Visits the Huzzah River for a Field Trip


Credit to Faith Smith

Ecology club sponsor Joseph Brocksmith points to the smart board during a lesson.

This June, the Ecology club will be going on their annual float trip. After being unable to do it for the past two years due to the pandemic, it is making a return this year. This club will be going on a six-mile float trip on the Huzzah River to clean up trash.

“That’s the whole point of the float is the stream team trash pickup,” science teacher and Ecology club sponsor Joe Brocksmith said. “That is our primary goal, to clean up the river.”

Brocksmith has been the sponsor of the Ecology club for 17 years. He started the club when he began working at North and has been taking the club on a float trip most years.

“I am very excited,” senior and Ecology club president Brianna Hennessey said. “It’s like the final hurrah for the school year.”

The Huzzah River is a popular float trip spot and the people floating often leave behind trash. Most often found on the

 trip are tires, flip flops, cans,plastic beads and more during the trash pick up.

“We usually make a game out of how many of the little red mesh bags you get in your canoe you can fill up,” Brocksmith said. “Or the weirdest piece of trash that we found.”