Fast Lane Classic Cars Sells and Repairs Cars


Credit to Payton Johnston

Cars are shown in the main showroom of Fast Lane Classic Cars located in St. Charles. Fast Lane sells, buys, fixes, and shows off vintage cars. The fast lane lot includes three showrooms, an event space, gift shop, detail and service departments.

Fast Lane Classic Cars is an auto body sales and repair shop located in Saint Charles, Missouri. Fast Lane was started by David Williams in 1994 out of his garage selling only a handful of cars and has grown into 5 total buildings since then. 

“Our goal is to sell classic cars around the world and that’s what we do everyday,” the Director of business development at Fast Lane, Sarah Bonderer said.

According to Corey Peck, the service manager at Fast Lane’s auto shop, his job has changed a lot since he got there around 4 years ago. At the beginning, the shop mostly worked on their own cars. Whereas now, they do customer based work, have several more buildings, and a full staff of mechanics. Customers also frequently come in to have detail work done on their cars.

“[Before Fast Lane started] David was in a car accident,” Bonderer said. “He was in a hit and run motorcycle accident and he was laid up for five plus years. And before the accident, he sold men’s clothing. So, he sold suits for a living and he needed a new gig. He was always interested in cars because he drag raced for the longest time. So I think he wanted to get into a new niche market, something new and he decided that cars was it, so he just bought and sold a couple of cars from the comfort of his own home and then realized he can really make something of it and then that’s where Fast Lane really kind of started.”