FHN Boys Golf Holds Friendly Putt-Putt Tournament to Kick Off the Season


Credit to Addison Polsgrove

Junior Ian McDermott lines up his club in preparation to hit the ball.

Joining any sports team can be intimidating, especially if the team already has bonded and formed relationships. Boys Golf coach Mr. Wright created a tradition 10 years ago: a friendly mini golf tournament within the team to kick off the season on a positive note. Early in the season, Wright could tell that this year’s group of golfers had a different level of drive for the sport.

 “It’s just a fun thing, I call it an invitational,” Wright said. “Everybody was invited on our team, it’s almost a joke among the team, and I made up this name for it. I think we’ve got a group of guys on our team that are pretty competitive, the most competitive group I’ve ever had as a coach here.” 

Junior Ian McDermott claimed the title of this year’s champion of the mini golf tournament. His reward was a certificate of achievement and bragging rights.

“The main point of the putt-putt is to get everyone bonding,” McDermott said. “It’s a fun thing to get to know your team members.”