Teacher William Crow Retires After Teaching for 32 Years


William Crow teaches his government class before he retires from FHN. (photo by Brianna Dunham)

While history and government may not be all students’ favorite subject,  William Crow has still made his classroom environments enjoyable and memorable. 

“I have always struggled with history, but with him it became easy and we’ve always been allowed to have a lot of fun in his class, so to hear that he was leaving was upsetting because I enjoy him as a teacher,” junior Paxton Ellerbeck said.

Crow did not just teach his students what the curriculum said to teach. He reached out to his students and helped them with school, whether that be specifically for his class or just high school in general. 

“He has given me a lot of advice in terms of studying for classes,” Ellerbeck said. “I’ve never really been big on studying, but he’s encouraged me to do so. He’s put a different look into learning about America and [furthering] my academic career.”

Crow has worked as an Assistant Principal at multiple schools including Castlio Elementary School and Independence for four years. He has been a teacher for a total of 32 years. 

Crow felt inspired to be a teacher from his teachers he had in his childhood who made lasting impressions on him. He wanted to be that teacher for other kids. He has also always had a love for history. 

“A lesson I always try to teach my kids is to listen and understand other people’s perspective of things rather than judge first, I think it’s important to put yourself in their shoes and understand people.”