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Disney is Becoming a Monopoly in the Entertainment Industry [Opinion]

Disney is Becoming a Monopoly in the Entertainment Industry [Opinion]

Credit to Violet Newton

Disney’s purchase of Pixar was great for fans who got to see more of the movies they love and experience their favorite movies in the Disney parks. But, the release of Disney Plus has made Disney all-powerful in the entertainment industry. This was all dismissable until Disney’s inexcusable disrespect to Pixar. 

In the past two years Soul, Luca, and Turning Red have been released. They are all Pixar movies and were all released straight to Disney Plus and were not attempted in theaters. When Encanto was released it was put directly in theaters and later was released onto Disney Plus. The only difference between these movies is that Encanto was exclusively a Disney production.

Many will argue that the reason for these Pixar movies not being put in theaters was to keep people safe when Covid was at a high. But the timeline of these movies being released goes as follows; Soul, Luca, Encanto, Turning Red. Turning Red was released on Disney Plus and was not put in theaters. If this was to keep people safe then Encanto should’ve been released on Disney Plus too.

The only reason Disney has been able to get away with this is because of Disney Plus, people had no choice but to buy Disney plus to watch the newest movie. Nobody questions Disney’s dismissal of Pixar movies because it’s released on Disney Plus which everybody has now because of the inability to watch movies in theaters. Using safety as an excuse is both irresponsible and misleading. To sum it up, the disrespect needs to stop.