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Meet the Outdoorsy Cats

Meet the Outdoorsy Cats





These are the names of four very particular cats of senior Lily Cash. They all have unique personalities, ranging from the shy to the overly expressive. Although they are all very different, they do share one unique characteristic, which is that they all love to go outside. 

“Most people just have indoor cats, but I have cats that bring animals inside,” Cash said

Something Cash’s cats love to do whenever they venture outside is bring in gifts for her in the form of small animals like mice, birds, bunnies and occasionally frogs. These gifts are usually given by Howard, and can be a nuisance in a few instances.

“Last year during online school, I was taking a nap and then I woke up because there was a bird flying around in my room and I was like ‘how did this get in here’ because my door was closed, right?” Cash said. “Howard pushed the bird in from the crack underneath my door.” 

Gifts are not the only surprise she gets from her cats. These cats get very explorative, and there have been a few instances where her cats ended up in very abnormal situations.

“I was on my way home and I arrived home and I saw Miles on the roof, and I was like, how did he get up there?” Cash said. “Fast forward weeks later, maybe I go outside just to like, chill outside, I hear Howard crying. I’m like, where’s it coming from? And then I look up and he’s on the roof. I don’t know how they got up there, and I don’t know how they got down but it was really funny.”

As wild as the cats can get, they are a lovable bunch and have gathered a lot of attention. Senior Rana Shaker is a good friend of Cash and enjoys being around them, especially Howard.

“They’re so sweet, but Max and Miles don’t like attention,” Shaker said. “[Howard] just cuddles on you and is very social.”