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Freshman Transition Day for the 2022-23 School Year Will Take Place on Aug. 18


Credit to Sophie Stachula

Junior Hailey Zhang and senior Ian Pierce direct a student in the lobby.

The class of 2026 is having their freshman transition day on Aug. 18 from 6:30 am to 11:25 am. This will be structured as it was prior to COVID-19, with all students going to North and as if it was a normal school day by attending all seven periods, lunch and activities to ease the freshmen in the school.

¬®I just think that transition day is a really cool opportunity for freshmen to go to the building and get to know their teachers before [school starts], because going into high school is a really scary and terrifying thing, and it’s just a good start for them if they use it wisely,” Maggie Koester, a student mentor of FHN said. “It’s going to be a good foundation for them to make new friends, and build good relationships with their teachers.”

Transition Day is run by the Mentors program at Francis Howell North every year. Mentors is a club that, similarly to student council, are role models and bring the energy into the school. Usually the mentor program leads Knight-Time activities once a month, that consists primarily of team building activities.

¬®Transition day really would not function without Mentors,” Mentors Co-Sponsor Jordyn Kiel said. “We worked with some of the Mentors to develop the plan for the day, but then the large group of mentors which is probably 80 to 100 students. They are the ones facilitating almost everything that happens with the freshmen, including some like small group introductions and icebreakers, some q&a about the tours throughout the building. And just kind of to give them a friendly face during the lunchtime part of the day.”