Free School Lunches are No Longer Offered to All Students


Credit to Photo submitted

Students wait in line in the cafeteria for lunch.

Many changes are coming to FHN in preparation for the 2022-23 school year. One of which consists of a new policy regarding the pricing of school breakfasts and lunches. For the past two years the school has offered free breakfast and lunch to all students due to the Federal National School Lunch Act.

“I know that the school has no control over us having free lunches but I think that Missouri should’ve continued that funding because there’s a really wide range of incomes in our area and I think that not having this funding anymore especially after the layoffs that have been happening recently can be really hard,” junior Reese Sanders said.

This act was originally enacted to aid families sending their children to school during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Although the bill helped out many families during the pandemic when Covid was at its peak, however due to the decrease in Covid-19 precautions free lunches will no longer be offered to all students this school year.

“I get why prices were raised, but once again even a small increase in price can add up over time,” Sanders said.

Not only are they no longer free but the prices of lunches will be increasing this school year. This is due to the increase of pricing, labor shortage and the increase of gas pricing for the transportation of the food. All of these factors will result in the lunch prices to increase to $3.15, and breakfast pricing will increase to $2.10. Although the funding has ended and pricing is increasing, the school is still offering a program for kids to get free lunch as long as their parents meet the requirements.

“I am sad that we aren’t getting free lunches anymore but I think it’s good that the school still offers options,” sophomore Lisa Smyth said.