The FHN Drama Club has Hosted the Morning Announcements Since the 20-21 School Year


Credit to Ray Hathcock

Clara Bonstead (left) and Piper Orzel (right) speaks at the Morning Announcements.

Piper Orzel and Clara Bonstead are the two primary students handling the morning announcements this year. Orzel is currently a senior and has been in Drama Club for all the years she has spent at FHN. 

“I’ve been involved in Drama [club],” Orzel said. “This is gonna be my fourth year at this school but I’ve been doing shows since I was 11, if we’re talking about Drama.” 

As the sponsor of Drama Club, Kim Sulzner has encouraged her Drama Officers to talk in the morning announcements. 

“It’s actually our third year doing it,” Sulzner said. “We did it for two previous years, and then this is our third year. So once we came back from COVID, we started doing the announcements. We did them last year, like the first year. I know it was a good gesture.”

Each day of the week has a different theme, planned by 11 Officers of Drama. There is Motivation Monday, Teacher Tuesday, Weird Fact Wednesday, Throwback Thursday and Funny Friday.

“Every year we just kind of think of something that would be fun to do,” Sulzner said. “So like Megan Miller, when she did it two years ago, her big thing was to look up the fun holidays of the day and mix them all together. So if it was National Dog Day and National Cheeto day, she’d be like so sit and eat some Cheetos with your dog. So, that was her kind of little thing. And then last year, they did the joke of the day. So that was their kind of thing. And this year, they just wanted to do something like it’s different every day of the week, but it’ll be consistent.”