FHN Varsity Boys Swim Team Looks Forward to Accomplishing Season Goals


Credit to Taylor Hill

Junior Om Nair competes in a swim competition at the Rec Plex in 2021.

With the 2022 boys swim season beginning August 8th, the team has had many new things to look forward to and goals to accomplish. With the addition of chemistry teacher Shawn Farrar as sole coach this year, the swimmers and Farrar himself are looking positively at the rest of the season as an opportunity to both improve and hopefully send as many boys to state as possible. 

“So I swam from 1st grade all the way through college and then at college I swam at a small D1 school,” Farrar said. “I’ve been coaching swimming since I was 15 so almost for 10+ years now so I got the experience to help me coach well and improve the team this year.”

With a roster of 13 boys this year, each athlete is looking to succeed and improve as a team and as individual swimmers. Junior Elias Avila has set himself some personal goals he hopes to accomplish before state competitions come around. 

“I’m looking forward to making some state times this year and overall just improving as a swimmer,” Avila said. “Last year the team made state for relays but I didn’t compete in any individual events so I’m hoping I can change that and make some this year.” 

As a D1 swimmer himself, Farrar understands what best helps swimmers train and prepare to compete so he has begun implementing changes to the teams’ workouts to hopefully use what helped him succeed to help the team succeed. Changing up some of the workouts has already been recognized as a positive change by members of the team.

“I’d definitely say he’s been giving us great workouts and he knows what he’s doing so that’s definitely also been helping us out when we train and compete,” Avila said.