Varsity Boys Soccer Falls to Central [Photo Gallery]

By Hannah Button and Jasmin Acevedo

On Sep. 13, the FHN Varsity Boys Soccer team went against FHC in a very competitive game. The game began very back and forth on the field, and around the 6 minute mark of the first half, FHN scored a goal, putting the score at 0-1. The second half started off action-packed once again, and with about 8 minutes left, FHC scored a goal, tying it up 1-1. The clock ran out on the second half, with the score still tied 1-1. The game went into two scoreless overtimes, which then led to a round of alternating penalty kicks. FHN was able to score a few goals on FHC’s goalie, but FHC got some goals of their own and pulled out a win with a score of 5-4 after the penalty shootout.