Nina Hewlett makes the Varsity Softball Team as a Sophomore


Sophomore Nina Hewlett pitches for her Varsity softball game.

The varsity softball team made it far in districts last year which definitely holds them to a high standard for the season coming up in 2022-2023. The team consists of mainly juniors and seniors but every year there is the outstanding underclassmen who stick out to coach Michael Freedline and coach Bobby Donahue.

“Coach Freedline is very encouraging and always positive during the games no matter what’s happening and really encouraged me as a new player moving up to varsity.” sophomore Nina Hewlett said. 

Hewlett is one of the few sophomores to make the varsity team. She has a good relationship with coach Freedline which is why she enjoys playing. Hewlett plays outside of school year round which was a definite reason on why she was called up to varsity as a sophomore.

“I think Nina playing year-round definitely had an impact on her making varsity and she’s just genuinely very good at the sport.” sophomore Sophia Manzella, who is on the JV softball team, said.

Manzella had played softball with Hewlett last year on the JV team. Even though most sophomores are still on the junior varsity team, a few of them get to spend another season with Hewlett such as Piper Spinaio and Courtney Mcqueen. The Francis Howell North softball team could be promising in the next couple years with how many sophomores there are that are still improving. Although the season hasn’t started as intended at 2-7, do not doubt the potential they have to win.

“You know we have a lot of young players, a lot of freshmen and sophomores and our goal is really to just make sure they’re improving each game and getting what they need.” Freedline said.