Mr. Havermale is a New Social Studies Teacher at FHN


Matt Havermale is a new social studies teacher at Francis Howell North starting this year. He teaches AP Government and Politics hours 2, 6 and 7, Psychology hours 1 and 5, and US history hour 4. He also is the assistant coach for the girls golf team and is going to be the assistant coach for the boys golf team.

“So I do coach golf, I’m the assistant coach for the girls team right now and then I will be the assistant golf coach for the boys in the spring,” Havermale said.

Havermale has been teaching for nine years. He has taught at Clinton High, Warrenton High and Troy High school. Havermale has had a fantastic first week and likes the students he has.

“It’s been fantastic, students have been great. It’s been a great first week and a half,” Havermale said.

Junior Sophia McClure is in Havermale’s 7th hour AP Government and Politics class. She likes Havermale because he’s good at teaching. She enjoys the way Havermale does note-taking because it is very understandable and likes how his teaching is easily understood.

“I really like his system of taking notes. helps me kind of focus on the notes without having to write too much down and he just kind of teaches it in a very understandable way and he doesn’t add too many complicated or unnecessary words,” McClure said.