Seniors Clara Bonstead and Piper Orzel Work at Six Flags’ Fright Fest for their Second Year


Credit to Miranda Fabian

Officers vice president Clara Bonstead and president Piper Orzel of the drama club stand together

On Sept. 24 Piper Orzel and Clara Bonstead started their first day of their 2nd year working at Fright Fest at Six Flags. Since the two are a part of the school’s drama club, Orzel being the president and Bonstead being the vice president, they joined fright fest as a part of the scare actors.

 Fright Fest is a Halloween themed horror night that lasts from Sept. 23 and continues every weekend until the end of october. The night consists of actors who go around with different back stories to match their costume and makeup to scare the visitors all night.

 To become one of those actors though you have to go through a process of applying to be a scare actor, of which both Bonstead and Orzel went through. The process starts off with filling out an application which they review and those who pass get an audition. The audition is improv-based, where they give you prompts in a group of multiple actors and also will bring in people for the actors to scare as a part of the audition. 

For some, Fright Fest or even Six flags could be a new experience for them. But freshman Tyler Armsby believes that the experience is worth the money. 

“It’s a scary, fun place to go,” Armsby said.

Armsby had gone during a weekend in October with some friends to see what Six Flags Fright Fest event had in store for them. According to Armsby, the event is a good place for being scared as they were chased and scared by the actors throughout the night. 

“The smoke they got everywhere is so cool, but it’s terrifying,” Armsby said. 

For Bonstead and Orzel it doesn’t end with Fright Fest since they both hope to continue to act in their future careers. Orzel, who has been acting since she was 11, hopes to go on to be a drama teacher. Bonstead just hopes it can go from a hobby to a career. Orzel and Bonstead have their own jobs outside of school and inside with being officers of the drama club as they continue to push other actors and help them when needed when it comes to acting and those scared of starting to act.

“You only live once, you won’t get to do this during your nine to five so while you can and while you’re young,” Bonstead said.