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The Annual Powder Puff Game Will Take Place on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at the FHC Stadium


Credit to Amber Winkler

A senior runs across the track at the Francis Howell Central carrying a Francis Howell North flag during the 2021 Powder Puff

The Powder Puff game is an upperclassman football game hosted by the Knights Of Excellence club at FHN. During Powder Puff, the roles are reversed where the male students are heard cheering on as crowd pleasers to the female players. 

This major event at FHN helps raise funds for the end of the year KOE Picnic, which brings in food and inflatable obstacle courses that students may race through for a whole day of fun. 

The Powder Puff game this year will take place in the Francis Howell Central Stadium on Oct. 18 at 6:30 pm. Powder Puff will be hosted at Central Stadium once again due to FHN’s lack of a football field because of the ongoing construction of the new Francis Howell North building. As Powder Puff comes nearer, the crowd pleasers and players have gone through set practices outside of school to prepare for the big day. The closer the day comes, the more energy and excitement can be seen from the junior and senior participants. Ian Pierce is a newbie senior crowd pleaser this year and has been looking forward to the game.

“What I’m most excited for is enjoying my senior year, and having fun with all the friends I’ve made since freshman and senior year,” Pierce said.

On the other hand, senior Sarah Moutray decided to switch things up with Powder Puff this year. Moutray was one of the previous coaches for the 2021 crowd pleaser group. However this year she is taking on the position of center for the senior football team. 

“This year I wanted to try playing football because I thought it’d be an interesting experience since my brother once taught me how to throw and I can catch pretty well,” Moutray said.

Although Moutray is enjoying her practices with her friends and the coaches, she does still miss her time as a coach.

“ I would 100 percent go back to coaching,” Moutray said. “It was so much fun and I enjoyed spending time with them and teaching them what I know. Last year was a great group of guys and they did really well and their best.”

According to one of the sponsor’s for the Knights of Excellence Club, Kristen Johnson, Powder Puff has and always will be a very important event for FHN.

“I know it’s been going since I’ve been here, and much longer,” Johnson said.  “With the students I think it’s something they look forward to and a way to find camaraderie with your class and have a little school spirit.”