The Dungeons and Dragons Club is Attempting to Start Up Again


Credit to Brianna Dunham

The DND club is back in session this year at FHN. The DND club consists of multiple campaigns of Dungeons and Dragons, and these campaigns take multiple meetings to finish. Though the club does not have a sponsor currently, once they do, they will meet Thursdays after school until 3:30.

After last year’s uncompleted storylines (campaigns), the Dungeons and Dragons club is having another go this year. Sophomore Nathaniel Brooks is creating a new campaign, while another sophomore Terry Schmitt is running a continuation of one of last year’s campaigns.

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game with a storyline orchestrated by the ‘Dungeon Master’, a non-player who serves as a narrator. Both Schmitt and Brooks are serving as the Dungeon Masters for their campaigns.

“You can basically do anything,” Brooks said. “There’s magic, there’s swords and armor.” 

Brooks, among others, tried to start up the club last year, but to no avail. Between the lack of an active sponsor and members, the club couldn’t continue.

“We couldn’t get the campaigns to start really,” Brooks said. “The two campaigns that we had didn’t make it to the first session.”

Despite past difficulties, new members joined this year. One of these new members is senior Robert Otte, who is joining the campaign run by Schmitt.

“The next campaign we’re doing is a pirate theme, we’re going to sail across the ocean and adventure through different continents,” Otte said. “I like the idea of exploring a fantasy world.”

Brooks is hoping that this year’s increase in members, such as Otte, will lead to the success of the club.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the campaigns actually work out. It’s fun. [The players] are all very energetic, they’re all passionate about it, they wouldn’t be there if they weren’t,” Brooks said.

The D&D club is still looking for a sponsor. Teachers: for more information about sponsoring D&D, contact Nathaniel Brooks at [email protected] or Terry Schmitt at [email protected].