Drama Club Announces High School Musical as Spring Musical


Credit to Katelin Robbers

A participant searches through a cabinet during the Infection Escape Room that was held in the auditorium of Oct. 14.

On Oct 5, the drama club announced that the spring musical will be High School Musical. Auditions will be held on Jan 26-27 and the show itself will be held March 30-31 and April 1. Kim Sulzner, who has been the drama director at FHN for 33 years, is excited to put on High School Musical at North.

“It’s just a fun show,” Sulzner said. “It’s part of everybody’s childhood.”

Initially, Sulzner was hesitant to do High School Musical because of its connection with Disney. But after a student came to her with High School Musical, Sulzner had a change of heart.

“After I looked at it I was like ‘wow, this would get people excited, I could see the whole school getting excited about this’,” Sulzner said.

Senior Ian Pierce, the stage manager at FHN, is looking forward to how students at North will connect with this musical in particular.

“It’s going to appeal to high school audiences very well because we all grew up with the movie,” Pierce said. “Everybody knows the characters.”

High School Musical is going to create lots of opportunities for everyone to get involved. From singers, to dancers, to even sports players, there’s something for everyone.

“There are so many parts in this show,” Sulzner said. “We need a set of basketball players, we need musicians, we need gymnasts; we need literally everything.”