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FHN Girls Varsity Team Appoints Three New Captains


Credit to Holly Samuels

On Sept. 30 captain of the varsity tennis team Maggie Koester poses for a picture holding her tennis racket. The team has won a total of five games and lost a total of nine games. They had their final game at FHC on Sep. 30 winning 6-2 and 6-1.

In this season for girls tennis, their coach, Lisa Randoll, decided to choose team captains differently this year. In past years, the tennis team never had team captains until Randoll decided that with her being the new tennis coach, she wanted to have leaders to help lead their team to victory.
“So, I observed and I asked everyone what kind of qualities they look for in a team captain and got a variety of answers back,” Randoll said. “Some wanted somebody who’s going to be motivating, somebody who is going to cheer on the entire team, not just varsity, and some wanted someone who was responsible so if they are going to do something, they will do it.”
Randoll then took all of the girls’ input and picked the top five people that she felt fit every request that they wanted and let the girls vote on who they wanted. The top three girls who got the most votes became the team captains for the team. The team’s decision to make their captains junior Lauren Chance, senior Maggie Koester and sophomore Rishitha Reddy Vedanaparthi.
“I liked the way we chose captains this year because it gave everyone an opportunity to vote for who they think would be best for that position,” Chance said.
Randoll also made the decision to get everyone’s input because she felt that everyone should be able to include their ideas on who gets to lead the team. On top of that, she feels that everyone should have the chance to become captains and not be based on how old a player is or how long they have been in high school.