Junior Savanna Degenhardt Gets Ready to Create a New Dog Toy Club


Credit to Etaf Abdallah

On Sept. 30, Savanna Degenhardt poses with a dog toy she made. She’s currently a junior at FHN who plans on starting a dog toy club. Degenhardt attended a leadership seminar called HOBY that taught people how to make dog toys and donate them to different organizations. It was a social event as well because as you work on the dog toys you can talk to people and make friends. Degenhardt cuts under the sleeves of a shirt then uses the bottom part of the shirt and cuts that into 4 equal parts. She ends off with a braiding pattern and ties the top of the dog toy.

This year, a student is trying to erect a new club based on donating dog toys. The founder of the club will be Savanna Degenhardt who is a junior at FHN. Degenhardt originally had the idea for the club during the summer of 2022 where she attended a seminar for leadership called HOBY. While attending the program, she learned how to make dog toys. This sparked her idea for making a new club. Degenhardt says the club will start eventually, hopefully when she finishes her training in the next month.

“The club’s purpose is to get more people to volunteer,” Degenhardt said.

One of the activities that the club will participate in is creating dog toys to donate to pet shelters and families in the community who could use a new toy for their furry friends. 

“I’m trying to make it to where members can get NHS points for doing it, that way they can get those out of the way too but it’s hard figuring out how that will work,” Degenhardt said. “I’ve been talking to Ms. Mason, one of the people in charge of NHS points, and we’re trying to get it figured out.”

Through the participation of donation drives, club participants may be able to earn NHS points depending on how many toys they make and donate.

“As many people as possible, or as many people who are interested,” Degenhardt said.

The club currently does not have a teacher chosen to sponsor it. Every club requires a teacher to sponsor and monitor the club and its activities. Any teacher that has the time to sponsor the club is highly encouraged to offer their time as it will be a good experience for the teacher and the club members.

Carla Vergara is a friend of Degenhardt and she is a senior this year at FHN. She intends to join the club if it comes to fruition. 

“What really excites me about the potential club is the volunteer work and making dog toys,” Vergara said.