Updated Timeline for the New FHN Building


Credit to Hope Moseley

Shown is the newly built parking lot for the student during the 2022-23 school year

Storm Shelter       

The storm shelter was completed on Sept. 26. Near the auditorium, there will be a large, concrete structure that people can go to for a weather emergency.

“There is an area within the building that will be a point of refuge for the entire school and faculty,” Jeremy Boettler, the project manager for Atlas Building Group said. “All the students and faculty go [here for a] weather event.”


The roof of the new building, primarily made of steel, is scheduled to be done by the beginning of November and will be fully completed during the winter.

“Hopefully by this winter, they’ll kind of have it pretty much [done]. Probably about 50% of the roof is completed [right now],” Mike Janes, the Activities Director said. 

New Road

Over the summer there will be a new road that goes from Hackmann all the way to Henderson, which cuts off the access from North to Henderson. There will be a parking lot in the front of the school during the summer while the construction happens.

“[In meetings, the construction crew was asking] ‘How can we make it safer to cross the road with school starting’,” said Boettler.


The new stadium has been in construction for about a month and it’s scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2024. The stadium was torn down in 2021, which led sports teams that usually played on the field, to play elsewhere.

“I’m hoping that the football stadium is cool,” said freshman Jay Stephens. “I feel like it’s gonna be cool just to have a [stadium] that we can rely on.”

Finished School     

The new FHN will be completed during the summer of 2024 and the demolition of the current building will take place in the summer of 2025, the same time as the completion.

“We are on schedule. And we have approximately two years left to finish school,” Boettler said.