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BeReal is a Social Media that Offers a Unfiltered View into What Others are Doing


Credit to Reina Murrell

Sophomore Leesha Kamotho takes a BeReal of SaVanna Daniels on Oct 4.

 BeReal, an app released in the heart of the Coronavirus, has recently begun showing up on students’ phones. The app encourages users to take a photo at a random time of the day in two minutes.

“It’s like a really chill social media, you don’t need to put filters on yourself. You just post exactly what you are doing at the time, without any filters,” sophomore Camille Krekeler, who downloaded the app earlier in the school year said. 

BeReal does not offer filters or time to stage a picture. When taking a BeReal, both cameras on your phone take a picture so that users can see exactly what others are doing. The app is often compared to Instagram, where users are known to fake photos.

“I post when it tells me to and you react to other people’s BeReal. It’s less communicating and more of what you’re doing right now,” Krekeler said. 

 BeReal offers many features that few other social platforms have. For example, a calendar full of past pictures is a useful feature that many choose to use. 

“I like how it shows what you’re doing at that moment. There’s a calendar with pictures that you look through the whole month. I like how it shows everything,” sophomore Reina Murrell, who has been using the app since her friend downloaded it, said.

Many enjoy the unique layout and concept that BeReal offers. 

“There’s not any other social media like it. There’s no other social media app that shows what other people are like when it goes off,” Murrell said.