Students in FHSD can Work as Janitors for the Schools


Credit to Madelyn Brewer

Brenna Doss cleans the FHN school building on Sept. 27. Doss is a senior at FHN who is also part of the janitorial team. She works with the janitors and three other FHN students to clean the building doing things like replacing trash bags and cleaning bathrooms. She has been doing it for around six months and initially got started because both of her parents work in the district and the help was needed.

Once in high school, lots of students get jobs. Everyone needs money, whether it’s for that new pair of shoes, a trip to the movies with friends or to fix someone’s car they accidentally ran into. While lots of places are hiring everywhere, students 17 or over in FHSD can find a place to work at their high schools.

 “It’s a friendly environment, it’s not that hard. And $12.86, I think, would be good for anybody to make that extra money,” Denis Nasufovic, FHSD Custodial Manager, said.

 Students working as Substitute Custodians have very flexible schedules, picking their hours starting right after school. They make sure the trash gets pulled, floors are swept and that other simple tasks are done around the FHSD schools. It may also be appealing to students as they don’t work weekends and can wear anything within the school’s dress code.

 “It’s pretty easy,” senior Brenna Doss said. “You get keys, you clock in. The boss, whoever it is, tells you what you need to do for the night [and] gives you an area. You can listen to music, pretty much do whatever you need to do as long as your area is taken care of.”