FHN Girls Tennis Ends with a Successful 2022-23 Season


On Sept. 30, the Varsity Girls Tennis Team participated in districts at Francis Howell Central. Lauren Chance played a singles game against FHC. The ending scores were 6-2 and 6-1.

With trying out different tactics this year for the girls 2022-2023 tennis season some results have been shown by those decisions made. They took their new skills to step up and win with larger gaps against schools that they played against last year such as Pattonville or having very close games in scores but overtaking and finishing the games with the win. The season ended with them having five total wins out of the fourteen games played total. 

“I think the season was great. It was fun even though we had our ups and downs, we still motivated each other and worked together to have a good time,” Sophomore Rishitha Reddy Vedanaparthi said.  

Not only this year but also last year the girls have played their best while going up against St. Charles West High School. This year and last year’s score had ended up being a total of 9-0. Meaning FHN took every win from each match while St. Charles West lost all matches against the FHN girls tennis team. 

“I’m a singles player but I know that communication is very important when playing doubles so the fact that we were still able to communicate during intense games and still win is good,” Vedanaparthi said. 

 In the 2021-2022 season when the girls played Pattonville the score ended with 6-3 with FHN getting the win. Again this year the tennis team beat Pattonvile but only got better. They improved their skills since last year and took a larger gap of a win which ended up to be a score of 8-1. 

“I think we beat Pattonville because everyone kept their head in the game and played each point as their own. It’s hard to keep yourself in a good mindset when you may be losing,” freshman Kaylin Kurtis said. “At Pattonville, I think everyone did a great job of doing that. That was our biggest skill improvement all year.”