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New Traditions for Seniors Can Come to Replace Old Traditions [OPINION]


Credit to Justin Brewer

Alumni Justin Brewer painted his parking spot during his senior year and was part of the last class to be able to do so.

The last four years have been anything but normal, especially for those in school. Since the 2019-2020 school year, school events and traditions have been altered, delayed or canceled. Now with the construction of the new building causing even more changes inside and outside of school, another tradition, one that is quite popular, is being put on hold. As of right now, senior assigned parking and the option to paint a parking spot have been put on an indefinite pause. This left students outraged, and rightfully so. 

However, there is a silver lining. Jeffrey Fletcher, FHN’s new Principal, realizes the seniors are upset and wants to resolve this problem. Fletcher wants to instill new senior traditions in the upcoming years and wants input and suggestions from anyone willing to give them. Seniors would get the opportunity to paint either a wall of the current building or get to paint their own individual ceiling boards. The current building is going to be demolished in only a matter of time so it can’t hurt. While it wouldn’t do the original tradition justice, it’s the least they could do for the seniors. 

Better yet, this year’s and next year’s seniors deserve to leave their mark on the school in some way or another. While they won’t be attending school in the new building, they have been most affected by the construction of said building. Doing something whether it’s signing a part of the building or making pieces of artwork that will go in the new building would make up for not painting parking spots. Being able to have a part of you in a building you watched be built, a building you know will be there for a very long time surely makes up for not doing something that ends up being painted over or power washed. However almost anything is better than not partaking in any senior tradition whether old or new.