Enola Holmes is One of the Best Mystery/Crime Movies to Debut in 2022 [Movie Review]

The long-awaited film was finally released to Netflix on November 4, 2022. The sequel to the original Enola Holmes movie that was released in 2020. This film is one of the best mystery/crime movies to debut in 2022 because of the storyline, characters and overall cinematography.

The movie starts with the main character Enola being chased down by the police which grabs your attention as Enola breaks the fourth wall and talks to the audience. This is well done because as she is talking to the audience the action in the background is still happening to keep you guessing as to what is happening. The movie follows a real topic of the Matchgirls’ strike although the storyline has the events fictionalized quite a bit, the film is still very entertaining to watch. The Victorian aspect of the movie makes it seem as if the characters are not relatable but they have problems that many people are dealing with today. This makes the movie have a modern twist and still be a fun way of telling real events that happened in the late 1880s.

The characters were very well written and their lines are celebrated in keeping the attention of the audience. Tewkesbury, the original movie’s main character, makes a consistent appearance in this movie, posing as a love interest for Enola. Although the romance is a side plot, they portray it in a very subtle but notable way and is easy to follow.

The cinematography of Enola Holmes 2 is exquisite. The color of the lighting captures the characters and sets very well making for very interesting visual details to show as well as the use of the lighting to guide the viewer’s attention to small details usually missed. The overall filming of the show has such stunning cinematography, it captures the story very well and gives viewers something to keep their attention on constantly throughout the film.

Overall the movie had some flaws but the details, storyline and characters do outweigh the mistakes. The movie’s sequel is better than the original as the characters are seen in a different light geared towards an older audience as it has been two years since the original. The aspects and small details of this movie made it a great film to watch and enjoy.