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Senior Sami Dubay Transfers from Holt High and Becomes the Sole Senior on Team


Credit to Etaf Abdallah

Senior Sami Dubay waits for her teammates to pass the ball in a game against Fort Zumwalt East on Nov. 29. Dubay is a senior shooting guard and it’s her first year as a member of the FHN varsity girls basketball team.

The girls basketball team starts the season with only one senior this year. Sami Dubay is a shooting guard who transferred from Holt High School for her senior season. Dubay played at Holt for three years and made many connections during her time there. She has been playing for 14 years and has loved every second of it. 

As joining a new team can be hard, Dubay has felt comfortable and connected to the team this year. With morning shoot-arounds and afternoon workouts the team has held this year, she was able to meet and bond with the girls before the season really started. 

“I am looking forward to making a lot of new friends and memories this season, as well as my senior night and other cool events that happen during the season,” Dubay said. 

Being the only senior on the team comes with its perks, like being the only senior for senior night, but it is also a big responsibility. As Dubay goes through the season, she has realized she is the role model to the young team. With five freshmen on the varsity team this year, she had to step up and create a positive influence and learning experience. 

“With Sami being our only senior, she will bring a sense of maturity to the game that we might not have just yet due to the amount of freshmen we have this year,” junior post player Evie Kraus said. 

The move from Holt was not easy on Dubay. The moving of schools, making new friends, and joining new teams was all very nerve-wracking and intimidating. During her final season at Holt, she contributed a 50 percent free throw average and three rebounds in one game against St. Charles High School. The team had welcomed Dubay as if she has been on the team for three years already. Coaches Danielle Rampley and Tommy Moran have had a big impact on the welcoming of Dubay. They made sure that everyone felt included and united. Having a good team dynamic is crucial in the way the season plays out. The team wants to start building a foundation for the future to which Dubay is helping contribute to during her final year. 

“It is bittersweet to be the only senior,” Dubay said. “I miss my friends that I was going to play and graduate with, but I’m looking forward to making my last year of basketball a really good one.”