Snowcoming is Going to Take Place in March this School Year due to Schedule Issues


Credit to Bernadette Kornberger

Two students are fascinated by the glow and the dark bubbles at the 2017 Snowcoming dance.

Snowcoming is set to be on March 11 this year, location is to be determined, but will be in the school. Typically set in the wintertime, the event will be held in March due to schedule conflicts with the student council advisers. Advisors Rowan Pugh and Rachel Pirrone are coaches of winter sports and will have state competitions in Feb.

“We did not think that we would be able to give the students of North the best snowcoming possible if we were splitting our time between sports and student council,” Pugh said.

Student council will be bringing back an old North tradition for snowcoming this year. The dance will be a glow party, something that the STUCO advisors experienced when they attended North a decade ago.

We decided on going back to the origins of snowcoming with this glow dance,” Pugh said. “We weren’t able to with COVID, but this group of students has never seen it, so I think it could be really fun for them.”

It will still be called snowcoming and will have somewhat of a winter theme although the event will take place closer to spring. The glow theme will feature glow in the dark paint that the students can put on their face as well as UV lights and UV bubbles that will not stain clothing. Although there is no dress code, Snowcoming is an informal dance compared to Homecoming and semi-formal attire should be worn.

“That’s what snowcoming was, it was a less formal event compared to Homecoming and it was a glow party,” student council president and senior Maria Aguirre said. “It wasn’t really snow-themed, we’re probably going to still have a few snow themed decorations, but the majority of the decorations will be glow, neon colors and UV lights. Which is why we are going to recommend people wear white or neon colors, but they don’t have to.”

Guest forms will be available Feb. 6 and are due when general ticket sales start which is on March 6. Snowcoming tickets will be $15 and guest tickets will be $20. As usual, tickets will be sold during lunches in the hallway outside of the commons where the snack table is.

“We’re listening to people’s concerns and everything they thought of homecoming, we’re going to use that to make snowcoming even better,” Aguirre said.