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The FHN Art Department Will Travel to Athens, Greece in the Summer of 2024


Credit to Sadie Ortmeyer

Sophomore Cherry Ann Clark sketches a deer before school in Mrs. Maples class. Maples teaches many art classes at FHN.

To kick off the summer right, the Art department has announced that they will be heading to Greece with FHN students in June of 2024. This trip will give students great opportunities to learn about new and exciting cultures and overall have lots of fun in a new part of the world.

“I think it will just broaden their perspectives,” Courtney Flamm, an art teacher at FHN said. “Traveling is the best way to see the world as a bigger place.”

For this trip, the Art department has decided to travel with a tour company called EF Tours that offers fun and educational tours to adults, teachers and students to amazing places all around the world. The Art department has also used EF Tours in the past with a trip to New York accompanied by some other students from Howell High. 

“It’s just a good opportunity for students to explore the world and see a new place,” Flamm said.

To begin the tour, students will start off by taking a 13 hour flight to Athens and meeting their guides there. During the rest of the tour, they will then be able to take a cruise to the Greek islands of Mykonos, Crete and Satorini, tour the Acropolis, visit an olive vineyard, explore ancient ruins, try new foods and participate in many other fun activities throughout the entire tour. 

“I believe it will be a good insight into the Greek culture and it will be a good experience on places outside of the U.S,” junior Shannon Renkey said. 

This trip won’t only be fun for the people going on it, but beneficial and educational too. Students will learn all about Greek culture and all the mythology that goes along with it. They will also learn about the history of the ruins in Greece and the architecture that goes into the buildings and ruins there. 

“I’ll be able to learn more about Greek culture like the mythology that I’ve always been interested in as well as the ruins and their history,” Renkey said. 

The most important part of the tour however, is making new friends and companions along the way. Meeting new people while on trips like this allows others to bond together and make memories with each other for a lifetime. This makes for a unique and special experience that many people will enjoy. 

“Honestly, I’m most excited to hang out with other teenagers and just make new friends,” junior Mira Wunder said.