The FHN Bands Held their Winter Concert on Dec. 7 in the Auditorium


Credit to Salem Cotton

Senior Aiden Kehoe holds his saxophone during the winter concert on Dec. 7

On Dec. 7, the FHN band performed numerous pieces in the auditorium from 7 to 8:30 p.m under the direction of band director Ryan Curtis. Jazz Band, Jazz Lab, Wind Ensemble and Concert Band all performed during the one and a half hour span. 

“I thought they had a good performance and I thought they played well,” Curtis said.  

The band performed many classic band concert pieces such as “Fiesta”, “All the Pretty Little Horses” and a surprise performance of “Sleigh Ride.” 

“The goal is that it goes like you think it’s gonna go so I can’t say there was any standout things that we did because it went like I thought it was gonna go,” Curtis said. “But the Symphonic Dance No. 3 was probably the one that I was happiest that we got to perform because that one took the most amount of work to get to where we needed it to be.”

The winter concert was concluded with a guest conduction by assistant principal Erin Steep. Steep was a former band director before she became an assistant principal. 

“[The] band did a really good job for their age,” concert-goer Carl Sivia said. Sivia is the grandfather of musician Colton Sivia who performed in the concert.  

The next band concert is set to take place in April with the band performing numerous concerts at local middle schools in hopes of recruiting players for next year. 

“Not too many things went outrageously bad, so it had to be good, right?” junior and percussion player Dustin Fox said.