The FHN Girls Wrestling Team Doubled in Size from the Previous Year


Credit to Kaylee Monroe

Freshman Aubrey Peterson walks off the wrestling mat after beating an opponent.

After a great 2021 season for the FHN girls wrestling team, there was an elephant in the room in that North only had two female wrestlers. With only two wrestlers, this would spur a problem for a typical team. But unlike other teams, sophomore Izzy Apple and Senior Laramie Horstman embraced their adversity.

“Yeah, I had to wrestle boys sometimes so that kinda sucked,” wrestler Izzy Apple said. “But I think we made it work, it could be worse for sure.”    

But much to everyone’s surprise, the girls wrestling team doubled in size this year, gaining two new freshman girls: Maddy Howell and Aubrey Peterson. Although this isn’t a lot of athletes, Apple is still really happy with the growth.

“Even though it isn’t a lot, it’s really great to see our team grow,” Apple said.

With this growth, it puts Apple in a leadership role, something a sophomore isn’t usually expected to take on so early in their high school career. But in a similar pattern, Apple has taken on the challenge head on.

“Yeah it’s been really fun helping our new girls and overall just trying to be a good example,” Apple said.

With this new growth and great leaders on the team, the wrestling team feels great about the upcoming season.

“I think it definitely motivates me to do better with how little girls there are,” Apple said. “I think there is definitely a winning mentality.”