The Saturn App Helps Students be More Organized


Credit to Reina Murrell

Kaylee Monroe uses Saturn on Dec. 1 to see how much time is left of her class. Saturn became popular at the beginning of this school year with many students signing up. Saturn allows you to see how much time is left of the class you are in and can be used to keep track of all of the homework that you have.

Saturn is a time-based social network that helps students with organization and can be launched on a computer, tablet, or phone. The app was created to help students take control of their schedules and to make their lives easier. The app was launched in November 2018. Users can make specific tasks and customize them to a class, so users can have everything all in one place.

“Saturn helps me stay organized throughout the day with the tasks that I can create and it has been a huge help for me this year,” junior Cooper Jett said. “I get more work done and can stay on top of things without it being super stressful.”

Not only is downloading the app free but there are no in-app purchases. Students can download it on both IOS and android. Users set up their schedule and set their lunch period or ‘wave’. Users can also make personal tasks and the app also lets students know how much time is left in each hour. Users can also share their schedule with people of their choosing and can change this at any time.

“I use it to check how much time I have left in my class,” senior Payten Davis said. “With all the different schedules we have during the week it’s hard to keep track of when what hour ends, it helps me keep track of the day”.

Saturn works with policymakers, artists, designers and more to continue to help create a positive environment for high school students as there can be a lot of hate online with other ways that students might try to use to communicate and get more information.