Six Seniors Committed to Athletics on College Signing Day on Feb. 1


Credit to Etaf Abdallah

Seniors Sami Wilson, Trey Scneider, Jordan Minter, Ian Kelly, Lucy Fajatin and Anna Rose Eldred stand together in the auditorium holding shirts they received during the College Signing day ceremony

On Feb. 1 at 2 p.m. in the auditorium, North celebrated the athletic commitments of multiple seniors with the annual event of college signing day. Each year on the first Wednesday of February, friends and family gather to recognize the seniors who are committing to playing a sport in college. The seniors who have committed to college athletics are Annarose Eldred to Missouri Baptist University for soccer, Lucy Fajatin to Missouri Baptist University for softball, Trey Schneider to University of Missouri – St. Louis for baseball, Ian Kelly to Missouri S&T for football, Jordan Minter to Illinois College for football and Sami Wilson to Murray State University for soccer.

“I think it’s one of the cool days that we have to see kids grow throughout their high school career,” activities director Mike Janes said. “For their parents, I think it’s a neat day for them. Hopefully they’re getting some money, saving some money. So it’s just a nice celebration to recognize those athletes that have worked so hard and who want to go and play.”

All the student athletes involved have been working throughout the school year to secure scholarships and commitments to their college of choice. This work involves submitting footage, contacting colleges and continuing to excel at their sport.

“I wanted to continue [playing in college] because I’m not really ready to give it up and they offered me money to do something I like to do. So I took that offer,” Fajatin said.

Fajatin and Eldred have grown close over the years and as they both searched for colleges, they found common ground at Missouri Baptist. 

“The coach of my club team is actually the head coach over at Missouri Baptist so he ended up wanting to recruit me also. So I decided to go there and play for him again,” Fajatin said. 

Fajatin, who is going into nursing, and Eldred decided to commit to Missouri Baptist together, Eldred in the fall of 2022 and Faijatin in January of 2023. The two friends also decided to room together during their time at Missouri Baptist. 

“It’ll be a good support because I don’t have to create a new friendship,” Eldred said. “Because rooming with people is always scary, like somebody random, but it’s nice to have somebody that I’m very close with.”