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Kanye West has Gone Too Far [Opinion]


Credit to Izzy Lash

Award winning music artist/producer Kanye West has solidified his music with the greats throughout the years, but his recent actions have raised concerns over whether or not it’s okay to still listen to his music. After making many anti-semitic remarks throughout 2022, he has landed himself within the category of ‘canceled’ in today’s culture. West is too far gone to separate his music from all of the negative publicity he has received in the past year.

West has released a plethora of hit albums and songs throughout his music career, with albums like Graduation, 808s and Heartbreaks and The Life of Pablo. West has 10 albums that have debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 200, which is tied for the most ever with Eminem. Despite all of the accolades, West is plagued by questionable choices he made during the duration of 2022. After anti-semitic tweets, wearing “white lives matter” t -shirts and openly speaking positively towards Nazis, West’s legacy in music is permanently tainted by his actions outside of it.

West has ruined his legacy in music through a series of actions and public statements that have overshadowed his talent as an artist. His controversial behavior and antics have caused many fans and critics to view him as more of a spectacle than a musician. As a result, West’s legacy in music will likely be remembered more for his controversies than for his contributions to the industry.