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Crumbl Cookies is Not Worth the Hype [Opinion]


Credit to Sadie Cotton

An open box of Crumbl Cookies sits on a kitchen counter. Crumbl Cookies is a cookie shop created by two cousins and first opening in Logan Utah in 2017. Crumbl implements a rotating menu, meaning that each week will have new cookies.

Crumbl Cookies is a popular cookie business known for their large cookies that are often very sweet. Unlike most bakeries, Crumbl does not offer a variety of cookies constantly, they rotate unique flavors each week, only repeating the flavors every so often. But the real question is; are they worth the hype?

On the Crumbl Cookies website, it features each cookie and how many calories each cookie has. The catch is that the number of calories listed for each cookie only accounts for one fourth of the cookie. So you may think you’re only eating 150 calories, but in reality, you’re actually eating 600 calories. That accounts for a fourth of the calories you need in a full day.

Getting cookies at Crumble is always a gamble. You can’t guarantee that you’re going to get a good cookie or not. Sometimes the cookies are overly sweet. Sometimes they’re too dense. And sometimes the icing is hardened as if it had been sitting out all day.

Also, Crumbl Cookies are expensive. A single cookie costs over four dollars after tax. Four cookies cost over 10 dollars. So if you get two cookies, you’re paying almost as much as you would for four. Compared to other cookies they cost way more. For example, the cookies at Grandma’s Cookies are the same size as Crumbl, but they’re only 89 cents a piece. 

Crumbl Cookies are not worth the hype. You may have a better chance of getting good cookies at other bakeries or even store bought cookies. Crumbl just isn’t worth it.