Methods to Stay Organized for Different Types of People


Credit to Michaela Manfull

Illustration by Michaela Manfull

Color Code Method
If you are more of a visual organizer instead of a planner organizer, the color coding method is for you. Each subject or a certain category gets a different color so, if you use folders, have each folder be a different color with the label of the subject on it. This will help keep track of your assignments so that you don’t have to worry about what folder you may have put the test review in.
“I feel like being organized just makes life easier,” art teacher Courtney Flamm said. “From a teacher’s perspective, if I’m not organized then my students aren’t organized and won’t be aware of what I’m asking them so it makes everybody’s lives easier when I’m organized.”
Planners / Bullet Journal Method
Another way to organize is the planners or bullet journal method. This type of organization works best for people who need visuals and things to be written out. There are many different sources that you can use such as Notion, Google Calendar or just a simple calendar planner or blank bullet journal for the more creative type. This way of organizing will work best if you are someone who can keep track of notebooks or will look at a calendar or to-do list every day.
(Sticky) Note Method
The last way of organizing to be mentioned is the note or sticky note method. This is more oriented toward people who do not need the visual aspect of the organization and only need things to be written down. You can do this method on a piece of paper, the notes app or just a simple sticky note.