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FHN Secretary Rae Ann Noah Retires to Spend Time With Family and Travel


Credit to Etaf Abdallah

Rae Ann Noah works as Principal Jeffery Fletcher’s assistant for school year. Noah is excited to start a new chapter.

Administrative Assistant Rae Ann Noah retired on Jan. 31. Noah has worked in the district for 23 years and the past 11 spent at FHN. Noah has retired in order to spend more time with her family.

“Earlier, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I decided that I needed to be available to take him to his treatments if he was sick,” Noah said. “Recently, we went to the doctor and he is cancer free. Now I can retire and we get to enjoy the later part of our lives together.”Although Noah is optimistic about the future, she still is sad to leave the district.

“I’ve developed pretty deep friendships with the majority of the people here and I am just someone who cared about her job every day,” Noah said. “I have never gotten up one morning and dreaded coming in, I love it here.”
Despite the fact that many of her memories were positive, Noah still had a difficult time adapting to some changes. Noah has spent the past five years as head secretary to various main principals.

“When I got the position as head secretary, it was hard trying to learn the job and be what I felt like I needed to be for everyone,” Noah said. “I’ve also had four bosses in the last five years and that’s been a huge challenge.”
Ever since Noah assumed the role of head secretary, colleagues have felt that she kept the staff running smoothly and has formed unbreakable bonds with the people she worked with.

“It’s going to be hard here without her, she brings us together,” Cara Mchaffie, who has been a secretary at FHN for nine years said. “It’s something that’s been really hard for me because I just care about her so much. I think if you were to say anything, she’s just well respected by the administration and assistants.”

Noah is looking forward to the future with her family and time off. She has plans to travel with her husband.
“I’d like to do some traveling,” Noah said. “I was born in Germany, so I would love to go visit there. An Alaskan cruise would also be fun as well. I have some things on my bucket list to do.”

Many members are sad to see Noah retire. Though, with her future unfolding, she believes it’s the right time to leave.
“It’s been a wonderful ride here and I’ve enjoyed every single second of it,” Noah said.