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FHN Boys’ Cross Country Runners Prepare for the Track Season by Practicing in the Off-Season


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On April 1, 2022 Brandon Lin takes off the block in a sprint track competition.

 It can be challenging to stay in shape as an athlete during a long season. However, the difficulties of staying in good shape during an off-season can be just as difficult or even harder. To combat this struggle, junior Andrew Head has been gathering the boys cross country runners together to run as a team during their off-season.

“I’ve always noticed that it’s easier to run with a group of people, so I always try to encourage some of the newer runners to join me and some of the other runners when we run” Head said.

While the team is staying in shape and working on their speed and endurance, they are also getting great bonding time through these workouts. This is allowing for many of the freshmen to become familiar with the routes they run, and the overall culture of the team. 

“It’s been really great to get to know some of the other runners I am going to run with even before the season starts, and these workouts have been a great way to do that.” freshman Colin McGuire said.

With this early work before in-season training, a good mentality and work ethic is being set for the whole team prior to the season beginning.

 “I am really looking forward to how much I will improve during the season,” freshman Carter Steutermann said. “It’s always really satisfying to see your improvement at the end of any season.”