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FHN Girls’ Lacrosse Gains Two New Coaches for the 2022-23 Season


Credit to Hannah Button

Coaches Rowan Pugh and Barb Hill start off the half-mile jog with the girls lacrosse team at the beginning of the second day of tryouts on Feb. 28. The girls lacrosse coaches Hill and Shelby Pritt are new to the team this year. The team has a full week of tryouts before regular practices begin.

Before the beginning of this year’s girl’s lacrosse season, not one but two coaching positions were opened. Although players worried about a lack of coaches, the positions were quickly filled. Both coach Shelby Pritt and coach Barbara Hill are new to the FHN community and are taking over for coaches Ashley Van Camp and Mandy Xa due to an overlap in the high school lacrosse season and the college lacrosse season. Along with the two new coaches, Rowan Pugh will be returning as the conditioning coach for the team.

“Barb coaches and works in our district already so we knew of her, but she really is trying to get her foot in the door to North programs,” Pugh said. “She really likes the diversity in our school and our programs and has been looking for at least the last year to try to come over to the north side. And Shelby is a very talented player and is passionate about lacrosse.” 

Hill is a veteran coach and has most recently coached the FHHS girl’s volleyball team, but she did not have prior experience with girl’s lacrosse. Hill decided she wanted to begin coaching lacrosse to help out Pugh and Pritt in order for the girls to have the best season possible. Pritt has played lacrosse with a team but has not coached a team before. Hill was chosen for the position for her expertise in training and her experience coaching while Pritt was selected as a coach due to her previous training as a high school lacrosse player.

“I hope to make the program larger and more well known at the school and district so it will become a bigger sport and get other people interested,” Hill said.

The coaches all hope to broaden the girl’s lacrosse program and improve it overall, all three coaches will be focusing on a different type of training in order to give the girls a wide range of skills. Pugh and Hill will mainly focus on conditioning and strength training with the girls, while Pritt will help the girls with game play, technique and stick handling.

“This is just a brand new year, we really love the kids and want to make this the best season for them we possibly can,” Pugh said. “And at the end of the day, we want to walk out of games with good people on our roster and have a super fun time.”