FHSD Opens a Teacher’s Alumni Program to Help Expand Future Alumni Education

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On March 2, Rowan Pugh works at her desk as students write an essay for AP Lang.

 FHSD has decided to open up a teacher’s alumni program for undergraduates in the district. This program was created to help expand future alumni education in their career of teaching, and to help them as they aspire to be future educators. 

“There is a nationwide teacher shortage,” Chief Human Resource Officer Lisa Simpkins said. “The purpose of the Howell Grown Educator program is to introduce Francis Howell students to the field of education. We want to encourage our students, at all levels, to consider education as a profession. If they do decide they are interested in becoming a teacher, we want to provide them with the support and help they need to become successful.” 

This program was started to create more teachers who love their job and enjoy helping undergraduates want to want to become a teacher, and grow their love of learning. It is there to help future teachers learn in the earlier stages of their education. The program is also made to create a future in teaching for future undergraduates.

“I am trying to create a way to connect students with alumni at a different level that would help them do their career in education,” Howell Growth Educator Coordinator Robin Engel said. “So I’ve been looking at the college level, the high school level, and then next up is the middle school and elementary levels. And you know, just trying to grow the passion of going into education.”