Registration for Summer Classes is Now Open

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Guidance Counselor Lorraine Smith discusses Summer Classes with a student.

With summer classes now open for registration, students have the opportunity to register to take the online MOSI course or the In-Person classes taking place at FHHS. Many students find it beneficial to take required classes over the summer for more freedom of choosing classes.

“I got to skip two of my classes that I took over the summer,” Cameron Burris said. “It allowed me to really decide for myself what I wanted to take.”

Registration deadline for In-person classes is on April 14 for session 1 and June 5 for session 2. For the MOSI course, credit recovery’s deadline is on May 26 and credit advancement’s deadline is on July 5 .These classes are also first come, first serve so make sure to sign up soon. You can find more information on registration in Room 105.