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Senior Brittany McBain Continues Track and Field Career at Kansas State University


Credit to Grace Pinson

enior Brittany McBain prepares to run on the Francis Howell Central track. McBain trained off season for the upcoming 2023 track season.

Senior Brittany McBain has been an inspiration and motivation to many as she is continuing her career in track and field at Kansas State University. 

McBain has been on a club track team since eighth grade and cross country since freshman year. Something that prepared McBain for high school track was her club season with the Cyclones. 

“We only had three practices a week but they did help us start to get in the feeling of being competitive, like racing other people,” McBain said. “We did a lot of teamwork stuff to build how to compete and run with others.” 

One person who has looked up to McBain through the years is sophomore Delaney St. John. St. John is on the cross country and track team. McBain and St. John are good friends and teammates and St. John is following in the footsteps of McBain.

“I’d say Brittany is definitely very energetic and brings a lot of life to wherever she is,” St. John said. “She definitely made practice a lot more enjoyable. Everyone on our team is so close and such good friends that Brittany is also one of those people that can help pull everybody together, and it just makes it a lot more enjoyable.”

Kim Martin is the head coach of the track and field team at FHN. McBain and St. John have both been impacted by her coaching and she has helped them be successful.

“I would say coach Martin really pushed me to go to my limits with a workout,” McBain said. “She would make me push more than I could.” 

Even though McBain is moving on and going to college for her running career, she will always have the high school memories with her. St. John’s favorite memories with McBain were the early morning bus rides and long practices. McBain also had many of her own highlights through the four years. 

“I would say the most important moment was whenever it was GACs for track my sophomore year, and after that I did really well and I thought, this is something I want to continue in,” McBain said. “I really love running. I love running competitively.” 

McBain’s teammates, friends and coaches will always remember McBain for her dedication, hard work, energy, determination, motivation and so much more. 

“I think [she’ll] be remembered as somebody that brought a lot of character to the team,” St. John said. “If we didn’t have those kinds of people that were just such a people person, then it wouldn’t be nearly as fun or like a family as it is now. So Brittany is definitely that kind of person.”