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The KOE Picnic will be On April 28 in the Large Gym

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Senior Henry Willie Jumps on inflatables during the KOE Picnic in 2022

The KOE picnic will take place on April 28 of this year and students will be able to do various things during their time at the picnic. The picnic is being organized by KOE and their leaders Lindsay Scheller and Kristen Johnson. 

“It’s always a good time to reflect, we appreciate when students show up to school and put in their best effort,” Johnson said.

The picnic will be located in the big gym, the auditorium and the wrestling room. Freshman and sophomores will be attending during second and third hour and juniors and seniors will be attending during fourth and fifth hour. The earlier hours will have doughnuts and the later hours will have pizza. There will also be chips and other  snacks in the auditorium.