Longer Lunch Breaks Would Be Beneficial to Students for Various Reasons [Opinion]


Credit to Olivia Van Horn

Students eat in the lunch room. Lunches are 25 minutes long.

Our lunches are 25 minutes long and the average time it takes for an American to eat lunch is 30 minutes, but lunch breaks at typical jobs are usually an hour. Students’ lunches should not only be for eating but also for socializing with their peers. If teachers don’t want students to talk to their friends during class but students barely get any time to eat lunch and talk to their friends and that’s if they have friends in their lunch period. 

Another reason why we should have a longer lunch period is that students who drive should be able to go off campus for lunch. The regular lunch meal in the cafeteria is barely sufficient for the day much less if you have practice after school. Going off campus for lunch does not make the school any less safe, many high schools have outdoor campuses and let students off campus for lunch. A longer lunch would also give students time to relax from their stressful schedules

An hour of lunch would give students and teachers ample time to socialize, get any homework done, and eat lunch. This would also create less problems for students later in life because it is not healthy to eat lunch very fast since it can cause stomach problems. An hour period could also be justified as a brain break and they are proven to improve students’ attention span during class and reduce stress and potential frustration with school work and peers. 

Not only would this improve students’ learning but teachers also, since they only have a single plan period and it does not take only 50 minutes to plan six other class periods. This would also give teachers a break from students since unruly students can be very frustrating for teachers. 

Teachers and students would benefit from an hour’s lunch break instead of the 25 minutes that we have now. Classes can be shorter or we could move to block scheduling which would give more time in the day to have a longer lunch period.