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The Gold on FHN Sports Jerseys Will Change in the Future

Left color is old vegas gold, right color is new victory gold.

Credit to Chase Pray

Left color is old vegas gold, right color is new victory gold.

Years ago, FHN made a decision to change the original victory gold into a vegas gold. Since not every activity at FHN that uses vegas gold uses the same vendor, it meant that many of the golds used around the school or on sports jerseys look different from one another.

“The thing with vegas gold is you never know what you might get,” Activities Director Mike Janes said.

Many of the coaches at North have been lobbying for a change for multiple years. However, with the new school opening in 2024, Janes and many of the coaches at North view now as a perfect time to change the gold. Baseball coach and crisis counselor Barry Morrison was a strong lobbyist for the change.

“I’ve been wanting this to change for a while and I’m really glad we finally are doing it,” Morrison said. “The thinking was that the new gold is going to match more of Howell’s gold and it’s going to stick out way more than the current gold.”

The move over to the victory gold is not going into effect immediately and is a multi-year change. Instead of ordering every team new uniforms over the summer, they will be ordering new uniforms when they are needed that will be in the new gold.

“It would cost way too much to just get rid of our newer jerseys when there’s no need to,” Janes said. “When the time comes and it’s needed, we’ll order all new jerseys that have the brand new gold on it.”