Last Minute Gift Ideas for Mothers Day


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Indoor flowers sit in the window of a kitchen at an FHN students house.

By Hope Moseley

Mother’s Day is a holiday often set in May every year to celebrate mothers. This holiday honors mothers of all kinds; adoptive mothers, foster mothers, bereaved mothers. Although Mother’s Day is not a federal holiday, it is widely celebrated in many countries around the world.  Many stores specifically have a Mother’s Day sale, like Kohl’s or Macy’s. Traditionally, on this day one would get their mother a gift. Whether one goes all out or simple on a gift, mothers are sure to love and cherish them. Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day gifts to put a smile on your Mom’s face.



This option is pretty basic, but you can write a sentimental note inside. You could even put a gift card inside.



A widely popular option is to get your mother a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Carnations are the “official” flower of Mother’s Day but you are not limited to this option.


Coffee Mug

Some mother’s purely run on caffeine. Get your mom a coffee mug that says something sweet like ‘Best Mom Ever’.


A day off

You could take this opportunity to use this as your mother’s day off. Don’t let her do any housework or make any of the meals. This would require you to take on those responsibilities.



Some mother’s may want this. Maybe some earrings or a necklace. You could always get her a piece of jewelry that says ‘Mom’.


Handmade gift

This is a more sentimental option, but it takes more effort. You could make your mother something by hand. She will cherish it forever.



Get your mom her favorite scent to wear or maybe one you think she would like.



This option may not be the best given the season, but you could get your mother her favorite scent to burn. A candle!


Spa day

Your mother is most likely stressed out because of you. Book her an appointment for a massage or a day at the spa. She deserves it.



You could give your mother framed photos of you and her. You could also go all out and make a photo album.