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Public Parks are Vital to the Community [Opinion]


Credit to Olivia Van Horn

People sit and have a picnic in the park. Many public parks are being destroyed for housing developments.

As the years go on more and more public parks are being turned into housing complexes. As this green space goes away, people have less fresh oxygen from trees and the water runoff becomes a flooding hazard because the concrete usually does not absorb water as well as the trees and soil do.

Public parks give spaces for children to play while parents can easily watch them, they also give kids time to socialize with their peers, which is more important now more than ever since kids have missed a big part in socializing because of COVID. Parks also give time for parents to manage their children from afar so they can get a break and they can also catch up with friends while their children play safely. Parks do not only benefit adults and children but also teenagers and the elderly. Parks give more walking paths for elderly people to walk and spend time outside, also some parks include things like ring courses or designated skating areas which are geared towards teenagers to enjoy.

Another reason why people need more public parks is for the animals because as companies take more animal habitats down to build housing complexes they lose their habitats which displaces the animals and often leaves them vulnerable. As people destroy more habitats this endangers animals to a less likely survival rate and may even exhaust their populations enough for them to be classified as critically endangered. Planting more trees and native plants in parks not only creates more shaded areas but also produces habitats for displaced animals.

Public Parks create more green space, give children and adults a place to socialize while being outside as well as in addition to animals their habitats back and it still benefits humans. This is why when building housing complexes parks should also be planned and built with them. Parks have many benefits yet there are not many in the area and this is why creating more green spaces should be one of the main things the community is concerned about.